Great campaign and public relation management tool for politicians.

A dedicated app is a good tool to keep followers updated with the work, views, achievments and future plans.

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Get latest posts, news & videos directly on app. Get a notification every time.


You can announce public meeting, work, views and future plans.


Users receive a notification for every new posting. Admin can send other messages as well.

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Daily Updated Mandi Rates, Commodity Price Of Different Commodities Of All States Mandi.

Mobile Website

The most successful marketers use their mobile website to attract new audience and convince them to download their app, generating an opportunity for profitable & ongoing relationships.


People can send issues through app.

Politician LokNeta

A mobile app become more competetive advantage in highly competetive market.
follower appreciate you not leaving any stone unturned to serve them.



This app is a great campaign & public relation (PR) management tool for politicians.political leader are constanty busy in public space & there is need to showcase the good might not give proper coverage all the time a didicated app is good tool to keep followers updated with work;view & future plans.This app become more important when there is an election arrund the corner notification about public meeting can be sent on this app.
Details description about past meeting can be made & communication cannot to work.

Provide best service throught chat

The most frequent complament about politician is that they dont listen once they win & you know that how is to that each & every call. you can slove this issues by enabling chat message on youe app.people can raise thire issue over chat & your office can store & mange those issue people would be really happy to be able to talk there representation through chat & get thire issue reslove.


Carryout election compaing through app

Messaging & news feed push are your best weapons to carry out efficient compaign you can send a message to unlimited user convey your election message your public meeting schedule & inauguration through message.


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Mobile app provide more engagement form users as they
are permanently installed on their mobile phone.

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Every month we will select a fan from App that excelled in liking, sharing and commenting, etc.


You can announce public meeting, work, views and future plans.

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People can chat directly with your office. They can talk about their issues instantly.


Latest News

Get latest news directly on app. Get a notification every time.


Stay up to date and avail benefits from government schemes.


People volunteer for political campaigns because they are passionate about politics or really want their representative to win.


By having mobile app you are in follower pocket with them all time your app icon
provide an extra reminder of your brand.followers keep you in mind long time.

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2019 Feb 20

What happened at Pulwama and history of terror attacks on convoys

Security forces have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in areas susceptible to terror strikes. In the light of the car-bomb attack in Pulwama, Shaurya Gurung takes a look at the SOPs, what happened at Pulwama and history of terror attacks on convoys

2019 March 12

Election Campaign Highlights: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar To Skip Poll Race

Veteran politician Sharad Pawar today said he will not be contesting the coming Lok Sabha elections, saying he has decided against the idea. The 78-year former union minister, who retired from electoral politics in 2012, had created a stir last month announcing a reprise.

2019 March 11

Lok Sabha Election 2019 schedule:General Elections Dates DECLARED Full election schedule of States

Election Commission today announced General Elections Dates, Assembly Polls Schedule. Elections will start from April 11 and counting will be held on 23rd May.Elections will be held in seven phases.

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